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Studio Singing Frog

Job description

Description The Singing Frog Studio has been producing feature films and animated series in 2D, 3D and even virtual reality for over 15 years.

Today, we are more than 70 artists and specialists involved in these enriching and ambitious productions.

To participate in our Blender-production of a new 3D animated feature movie, we are looking for new colleagues, Blender experts , particularly to fill the position of 3D FX Artist .

This search is part of a new project starting and of our continued growth while maintaining the desire to remain a human-sized company that cultivates a caring environment.

Remote position, with possibilityto come and work from the office based in Montréal, Canada.

Starting date : ASAP

Approx. 6-month-freelancing contract


Reporting to the production director, your main responsibilities will be :

  • From already created assets, bring the effects to life in Blender, determine the setup and implement the FX in the assigned scenes, paying close attention to the notions of gravity and velocity of objects
  • Ensure that the FX correspond to the style and vision of the creative direction and the director
  • Constantly collaborate with the co-production teams such as production management, animation and FX supervision, pipeline department
  • Participate in invited production meetings
  • Determine independently and sometimes collectively the best techniques and creative approaches to apply
  • Carrying out corrections as requested and being analytical about one’s work
  • Strive to optimise and standardise work processes throughout the project
  • Resolve first level problems encountered and report them in a continuous improvement and knowledge sharing approach
  • Report major blocking points after having carried out an initial understanding analysis
  • Communicate regularly with production management and leaders regarding schedules and deadlines
  • Ensure that established targets, consistency of scene quality and quotas are met
  • Collaborate and share best practices with peers, FX, animation and other departments
  • Work within the established Blender pipeline

When you’re interviewed, you’ll see that the position is even more exciting!

Skills & Qualifications

Our next diamond will have to meet the following criteria :

  • 5 to 8 years experience in 3D character animation and FX
  • Experience working on 3D animation productions
  • Blender skills required, production experience preferred
  • Good understanding of motion, weight, gravity and speed
  • Curiosity and interest in participating in ambitious cartoon-style CGI projects
  • Technical, problem-solving and 3D animation skills
  • Organizational skills, priority management, teamwork

Contract conditions

Work schedule must be adjusted according to meetings with teams based in Quebec, Canada, and Germany

40 hours per week job

6 month contract

Position to be filled ASAP : April 2023

Only selected candidates will be contacted.

Apply here : : / / singingfrog.freshteam.com / jobs / MIX-G1OMN-2F / 3d-fx-artist-blender

We can’t wait to hear from you!

The Singing Frog Studio is an employer that values diversity in all its forms and is devoted to internal equity. Our studio is committed to reducing all forms of discrimination related, but not limited to, age, color, origin, religion, marital status, gender identity, sexual orientation or any other special status.

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