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Squeeze Studio Animation

Job description

About Us

Renowned for its outstanding creations, Squeeze is an animation studio with over 10 years of creative accomplishments. We create world-class animated content, from television series to feature films, cinematics to amusement park experiences, and motion capture to video games.

Though we work with some of the biggest names in the industry (Universal, Illumination, Disney, Marvel, Ubisoft, WB, Supercell), we're just as committed to our own original creations.

At Squeeze, you'll find an innovative, diverse, personal and inclusive work environment that will encourage you to share your ideas and develop your talents!

Benefits you'll get at Squeeze


Wanting balance between work and life is just normal.

You won't be asked to work overtime either! You can make the most of your time off and paid flex days to take care of yourself and your family, worry-free.


Whether you prefer working at the studio or at home, from the cottage or on even the beach, you can tailor your schedule to your Squeeze projects and your passions!


Your physical and mental well-being is important to us. That's why we have a group insurance program, an employee assistance program and telemedicine services to help you when you need it most.


Squeeze's relaxed and welcoming work environment promotes openness, inclusivity and respect. You'll feel comfortable here, your home away from home.

The team comes first; teamwork is tops because we know that by combining our differences we can accomplish so much more.


Rubbing shoulders with industry's best, you'll also benefit from a personalized, artistic and technical training and coaching program to help you develop your talents and reach new heights!


At Squeeze, community spirit is at the heart of our priorities.

We organize lots of different activities like sharing meals and culture, playing sports and games, partying, and way more.

There's something for everyone! We'll want to hear your suggestions!

Your role

The Visual Effects Supervisor is responsible for delivering the projects entrusted to him by leading the dedicated teams.

He is the interlocutor with the client / director in order to capture the desired artistic quality and pass it on to the teams.

In production, he supervises the shows from an artistic and technical point of view and works with the Producer to meet delivery deadlines within budget constraints.

He participates in project evaluations along with business development.

Your main responsibilities

  • Establishing feasibility approaches and means to develop the director's vision and the artistic vision of the designer production;
  • Ensuring the respect of the artistic direction of the visual for the production and post-production in order to achieve the desired quality of the project;
  • Ensuring that the look of the CG elements matches the overall artistic direction of the project with the Director and Production Designer and sees if adjustments are necessary;
  • Demonstrating a critical eye to ensure that the work is always at its highest level of expected quality;
  • In collaboration with the CG sup and Leads, determining the overall technical (methodology) and creative approach to be adopted for each project;
  • Supervising the CG sup and Leads at the artistic level;
  • Driving the dailies;
  • Providing a critical and technical perspective by reviewing and making the necessary adjustments to the work created throughout the project;
  • Participating in client meetings;
  • Collecting and analyzing client feedback and ensuring it is delivered to the various departments concerned;
  • Collaborating with the business development team and producers by participating in the breakdown of scripts and storyboards as well as in the evaluation of projects by identifying technical and artistic specificities (stereo, 2d animation, etc.
  • and by evaluating the time required in terms of resources;
  • Advising and supporting producers and the production manager in the development of the production schedule and the allocation of resources based on deliverables to partners in order to make the necessary recommendations;
  • Providing feedback to leads and senior CGs on the creative, methodological, overall and technical performance of projects;
  • Participating in job interviews and assessments of Leads and Senior ACMs in collaboration with the HR team.

You are

  • Able to work under pressure and meet deadlines;
  • Able to manage a team;
  • An excellent leader, able to inspire and motivate your teams;
  • Structured, with excellent organizational skills.

You have

  • Relevant training related to 3D animation or VFX;
  • 10 years of experience in animated TV series and film, including 4 years in a supervisory role;
  • Excellent critical judgment of design and pacing;
  • Strong interpersonal skills with clients and the ability to build trust.
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