Java Tech Architect


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NR Consulting LLC

Job description

Architect Job Description :


Cloud : Hands-on experience with majority of AWS Services related to Micro-Service Architecture which also includes Deployment aspect of Solutions.

Experience with serverless stack like Lambda, ECS, EKS, SNS, SQS etc.

Java : Hands on with Java ver. 8, 11 onwards with knowledge of Collections, Streams, Functional Programming features. Ability to work with Legacy Application Code, Refactoring and Reverse Engineering and ability to produce solutions for next gen applications

Microservice Architecture : Deep understanding of Microservice Architecture. In-depth understanding of 12 Factor App, Design Patterns & Principles, Domain Driven Design, Microservice communication patterns.

An understanding of steps involved in Monolithic to Microservice based transformation projects.

Non-functional requirement implementation for Microservice based application which includes logging, monitoring, autoscaling and building a resilient system etc.

Batch Processing : Ability to design Modular Batch Services

Knowledge of various Programming paradigm like Functional Programming, Object-Oriented Programming, Reactive Programming using Java Language

Awareness of data security and privacy technologies. Knowledge of JWT, Oauth, SAML in context of security.

Experience of participating in Requirement elicitation sessions, analyze technical requirements & effort estimations.

Deep Knowledge with Dev-Ops and other associated development tools like Bitbucket, Jenkins, Swagger, Postman etc.


Ability to work with Sr. Tech / business Stakeholders and Technology Team

Ability to proactively build consensus among the Stakeholders

Presentation Skills to present solution to Architecture Review Boards

Ability to convince Tech Teams and Enterprise Architecture Group on solution approaches

Proactive Communication with Teams and People to ensure Solutions are implemented as planned

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