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Job Description

In this role, one of your main mandates will be maintaining and expanding the design system for one of our key clients within the Quebec market.

As a Senior UI Designer, you'll engage in close collaboration with client stakeholders to seamlessly align the design system with their objectives and vision.

Working alongside talented teams of UX designers, developers, product managers, and product owners, you will drive the implementation of user-centric design solutions that not only enhance user experiences but also propel business outcomes to new heights.

We are seeking individuals who embody strong leadership qualities, exceptional problem-solving abilities, and a passion for creativity and innovation.

If you are self-motivated, collaborative, and possess outstanding critical thinking skills, this role is for you. Proficiency in crafting meticulously detailed design elements using tools like Figma will be instrumental in shaping scalable design solutions.

Your responsibilities will encompass managing the client's existing design system, creating new components to support the design team, and contributing to diverse design projects beyond the system.

The role requires autonomy and a proactive approach to tasks, setting the stage for potential leadership opportunities in the future.

If you are ready to showcase your skills, drive innovation, and advance your career, this position is a gateway to professional growth and success.

Design Systems pro : You are the architect behind design systems that not only ensure consistency and efficiency but also understand their immense value in streamlining workflows across all projects.

In this role, you will play an important part in creating, maintaining, and documenting design components, guidelines, and best practices, streamlining the design process while preserving a consistent user interface.

Your expertise in token creation and maintenance is critical for streamlining workflows and preserving a consistent user interface throughout the product lifecycle.

Product Lifecycle Integration : Demonstrate a deep understanding of the product life cycle by seamlessly integrating UI design across all phases, from ideation and prototyping to post-launch optimization.

This expertise ensures alignment between UI design and the product's overarching vision and objectives.

Collaboration with Cross-Functional Team : Work closely with a diverse range of team members, including UX designers, developers, product managers, and client stakeholders, to ensure that the UI design meets user needs and business objectives.

Your goal is to promote transparent communication and foster synergy among teams, enabling the seamless integration of design decisions throughout the product development journey.

Translating Insights into UI Concepts : Transform research insights into tangible UI concepts that address user pain points and enhance the user experience.

Utilize data to inform design decisions effectively. While spearheading research may not be your primary role, as a Senior UI Designer, you should excel at interpreting data to inform your design decisions.

UI Design Execution : Demonstrate advanced visual design skills, such as typography, colour theory, layout, iconography, and data visualization.

Create visually appealing and cohesive user interfaces that reflect the product's branding and style guidelines.

Agile Scrum Team : Integrate seamlessly into Scrum teams, leveraging your expertise in UI and design systems to contribute to the iterative development process.

Actively participate in sprint planning, daily stand-ups, and sprint reviews as a UI Designer, ensuring that design considerations are incorporated at every phase of development.

Your ability to adapt to shifting priorities and collaborate effectively within a dynamic, agile environment is crucial for team success and the delivery of high-quality design solutions.

Inclusive & Accessible Design : Prioritize inclusivity and accessibility, ensuring that interfaces are accessible to all users, regardless of abilities or disabilities.

This commitment involves adherence to accessibility guidelines like the Web Content Accessibility Guidelines (WCAG) and consideration of diverse user needs.

Your proficiency in crafting accessible UI elements and conducting thorough accessibility audits and testing is crucial for delivering inclusive design solutions.


  • Bachelor's degree in visual design & communications or equivalent professional experience.
  • 4-8 years of relevant experience.
  • Fluent in French & English.
  • Proficiency in Figma and other relevant design tools.
  • Strong portfolio of 3-5 pieces demonstrating your craft in concept boards, UI design, web animation, and prototyping for screen-based experiences (e.

g. mobile, responsive web).

Additional Information

By nature, Nurun is fundamentally human; from our culture of collaboration, to how we work with our clients, to how we empathize with and serve the customers of our clients.

It’s critical that our candidates operate on this level, fostering and enriching our human-centric culture.

  • For our working philosophy and entrepreneurial spirit;
  • For an approach to our projects based on understanding human needs;
  • For the chance to work on large-scale digital projects for major clients around the world;
  • For our competitive offer and wide range of social benefits from day one;
  • For our flexible hybrid work model with 2 days a week minimum in the office with the rest being flexible, with access to collaborative office space;
  • For a flexible schedule that truly allows work-life balance;
  • For a personalized development plan supported by our continuing education platforms;
  • For a rich collaboration with passionate and talented experts.
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