Game Security Programmer


Offre publiée le 2024-07-06


Job Description

As a Game Security Programmer your main goal is to develop and refine solutions to ensure a fair gaming environment across all Ubisoft.

While focusing on creating scalable, security centric software, you'll also have an opportunity to dive into the domain of anti-cheat & anti-tamper technologies.

Responsibilities :

  • Join a cross-functional team of skilled engineers under seasoned leadership.
  • Develop security centric software using C++ and Python to secure the gaming experience for millions of players.
  • Program in a clear and structured manner that meets performance, maintenance, modularity, scalability and compatibility requirements.
  • Develop, refactor and optimize core systems focusing on the long-term.
  • Recommend improvements by designing and implementing new systems, as needed.


  • Prior experience in software development
  • Proficiency in C++ and some experience in Python.
  • Excellent understanding of technical specifications and operating system (Linux & Windows) architecture.
  • Strong analytical, synthesis skills, autonomy, resourcefulness, and attention to detail.
  • Good interpersonal and communication skills, team player.
  • Experience with reverse engineering, vulnerability research, LLVM code base, software protection systems, obfuscation, and security exploits.

Additional Information

Just a heads up : If you require a work permit, your eligibility may depend on your education and years of relevant work experience, as required by the government.

Skills and competencies show up in different forms and can be based on different experiences, that's why we strongly encourage you to apply even though you may not have all the requirements listed above.

At Ubisoft, we embrace diversity in all its forms. We’re committed to fostering an inclusive and respectful work environment for all.

We know the importance of providing a pleasant interview experience, therefore if you need any accommodation, please let us know if there is anything we can do to facilitate the interview process.

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