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Hitachi Automotive Systems Americas, Inc.

Forward to localhost with Webhook.site CLI

whcli forward token fa4b7f80-f45f-4a56-a650-33ca70daba49

Install whcli

Webhook.site generates free, unique URLs and e-mail addressesand lets you see everything that’s sent there instantly.

  • Built-in integrations : Google Sheets, Excel, Slack, Dropbox, SFTP, Email,Push Notifications, and more
  • URLs never expire and can be managed in Control Panel or via API
  • History of up to 10.000 requests and emails per URL
  • Data is protected in your account
  • Create Web cronjobs and uptime monitors using Schedules

Enable XHR Redirect


Content Type

Redirect Headers

HTTP Method

Edit URL

Status code

Content type


Add CORS headers

Create New URL

Customize how the URL will respond. You can also use the Modify ResponseCustom Action to change the responsedynamically.

Status code

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