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Petal is a leading Canadian healthcare orchestration and billing company that revolutionizes healthcare systems to make them agile, efficient, and resilient by enabling the forecasting and shaping of world-class healthcare through Healthcare BI, advanced analytics, and informed insights.

Our commitment to fostering an exceptional workplace culture has earned us notable recognitions, including being listed as a Great Place to Work in both the technology and healthcare sectors.

Join us in our mission to empower healthcare innovators and improve healthcare differently.

What you can expect when joining the team

Reporting to the Director of Software Development, as Principal Developer, you will play a key pivotal role within the organization.

You will act as a technological expert, innovator, and evangelist within the software platform teams, as well as with stakeholders on the management team.

You will be working closely with Principal Developers from the other lines of business, along with the enterprise architect, toward creating architectures and development practices that align with the company’s vision, and define how to deploy them.

You will contribute to changing Petal’s technological future both by participating in strategic technological decisions and orientations, as well as by sharing your knowledge to level up your team’s experience.

We are currently setting up a software platform to provide shared components and services for the development of our new products, as well as an application platform that will eventually operate them.

Let’s talk stack

We're currently undergoing a technological transformation - a great time to come and make your mark!

We're at a base a Ruby on Rails "shop" in transition towards newtechnologies, including NodeJs / Typescript, for our new products and platform.

For the latter, we are adopting a domain-oriented and event-driven architecture, under Kafka , giving priority to an API-first approach, with microservices .

As an SaaS company, we focus on implementing the best DevSecOps approaches. Our infrastructures are cloud-based, entirely as code with Terraform , and our latest applications are container-managed and deployed under Kubernetes .

Our legacy backend is made up of APIs in Ruby on Rails and .NET applications based on Redis , ElasticSearch , Sidekiq and Dock er , all hosted on Azure, in a monolithic application.

Our frontend and mobile applications use modern frameworks such as Angular and React Native , with RxJS, Redux and Storybook .

With quality at the heart of our principles, all code is tested using frameworks such as Jest , playwrigh t and end-to-end testing libraries and services.

Finally, we firmly believe in a continuous delivery approach and have reached significant maturity in this respect, deploying code in production environments several times a day.

Your daily life

During the day, you will be led to :

  • Understand the technological challenges that your line of business faces and develop effective solutions;
  • Create clear roadmaps for codebase evolution and maintenance of your line of business, ensuring smooth alignment and transitions between versions and facilitating shared services among products;
  • Collaborate with peer principal developers from other business lines to establish a unified enterprise architecture vision and strategy.
  • Make critical architecture decisions and establish common ground;
  • Lead the development and implementation of architecture and development best practices alongside your peers. Ensure sustainability and longevity;
  • Take charge of solution architecture and technology choices within your business line, paving the way for innovative ideas and solutions from developers while aligning with the enterprise architecture strategy;
  • Tackle complex problems, optimize application and infrastructure performance, and provide guidance for architectural choices;
  • Collaborate with peers from various specialties, such as QA, SRE, platform services, security, to ensure comprehensive alignment in software delivery;
  • Mentor Staff Developers and Tech / Team leads, offering guidance and support;
  • Act as the technical representative in key projects involving partners and clients;
  • Champion application security within your business line;
  • Represent your organization in various communities of practice and collaborate with other technical leaders to ensure effective knowledge sharing;
  • Promote innovation within your business line and the organization by adopting new technologies and exploring proofs of concept;
  • Continuously monitor and stay updated on technological advancements.

Your profile

Are you an experienced and motivated developer, known for your great attitude, work ethic and both your hard and soft skills?

Are you recognized for your ability to lead technical architecture discussions and decision-making? Are you motivated by the unique opportunity to serve a greater purpose in the Healthcare industry through innovative solutions enabled by people, data, and technology?

The sky is the limit! If you have :

  • 12+ years of experience in software development;
  • Experience architecting and developing large scale systems with many different data sources and business logic layers;
  • Excellent programming skills in one or more languages, including Typescript, Ruby, .NET, JavaScript, Python, PHP or Go;
  • A good understanding of modern application development frameworks and libraries, such as NodeJs / NestJS, Ruby on Rails, Angular, React, GraphQL;
  • Strong knowledge of security best practices in application development;
  • The ability to work and model with relational and document databases (SQL, NoSQL);
  • Solid analytical and problem-solving skills with a natural curiosity and attention to detail;
  • Solid understanding of mobile and web application development frameworks;
  • In-depth knowledge of Docker, containers, Kubernetes, event-driven, domain-driven and micro services architectures;
  • A strong emotional IQ, empathy, and an inclusive leadership style;
  • An invested approach to developing the skills and abilities of your teammates and a demonstrated interest in sharing your knowledge and experience;
  • Strong communication skills, both verbally and written;
  • A natural ease in explaining complex technical concepts to designers, other engineers, and stakeholders;
  • A good understanding of authentication and authorization;
  • Knowledge of HL7 and FHIR (an asset);
  • Experience in third-party data integration (an asset);
  • Since you will be regularly interacting with English-speaking colleagues located outside of Québec, proficiency in both English and French (spoken, written, and read) is preferable.

Petal’s position on remote working

In our opinion, a company cannot claim to be modern, innovative and have the well-being of their team at heart, without attempting to integrate remote working to the level that their business model allows them to.

Petal employees continue to benefit from the option of teleworking up to the maximum flexibility permitted by the nature of the position and the smooth running of operations.

Our benefits

  • A signing bonus of $1,000 for your remote work set-up;
  • Compensation that recognizes your contribution;
  • 4 to 6 weeks of paid vacation per year;
  • 5 paid personal days per year ;
  • A group RRSP / DPSP plan with employer contribution;
  • A complete group insurance plan, from day 1;
  • An annual wellness allowance;
  • Access to the Lumino Health telehealth application;
  • Flexible work hours and more.

Petal is an active participant in the equal opportunity employment program, and members of the following target groups are encouraged to apply : women, people with disabilities, aboriginal peoples and visible minorities.

If you are a person with a disability, assistance with the screening and selection process is available on request.


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