Lead Game Designer


Offre publiée le 2024-06-27

Signal Space Lab Inc.

Signal Space Lab is an interactive creation studio in Montreal, QC in Canada specializing in immersive XR entertainment, video games, and audio production.

Our goal is to advance in the art of interactive media by imaging and producing original, innovative, and memorable experiences that materialized into sounds, visuals, and gaming environments.

Job Description

We are now on the lookout for a motivated Lead Game Designer who thinks differently about entertainment, interactivity, and reality in general.



Demonstrate a strong vision and the ability to translate creative concepts into engaging features and complex systems.

Harness your creative mind to push the boundaries of game development, contributing to the evolution of our projects with fresh and innovative ideas.

Showcase your mastery of Unity, demonstrating a deep understanding of its features, tools, and capabilities to create seamless and captivating user experiences.

Exhibit excellent verbal and written communication skills, effectively articulating ideas and collaborating with cross-functional teams to ensure a unified and cohesive development process.

Display meticulous attention to detail in documentation, ensuring comprehensive records of code, processes, and project milestones, fostering transparency and efficiency.

Embrace an agile mindset, adapting quickly to changing project requirements and utilizing your versatile skill set to tackle diverse challenges.

Possess an indie spirit that thrives in a collaborative and innovative environment, where individual contributions lead to the collective success of the team.

Role / Responsibilities

Define the core systems and global vision for our upcoming game during the early stages of development.

Implement and balance game features within the engine to ensure a seamless and engaging player experience.

Create comprehensive documentation to facilitate communication and understanding across the development team.

Communicate effectively with all departments to coordinate efforts and ensure a cohesive development process.

Work closely with the Lead Programmer and Art Director to align efforts and achieve the envisioned game experience.

Collaborate with the Level Designer, providing guidelines and constructive feedback to enhance the overall quality of level design.

Lead and mentor a small design team, fostering a collaborative and growth-oriented work environment.


6+ years of extensive experience in game design, demonstrating a deep understanding of industry trends and player preferences.

Must have contributed to at least one successfully shipped game in the role of Game Designer, showcasing your ability to bring creative visions to fruition.

Strong proficiency in 3C (Camera, Character, and Controls) design, showcasing your ability to create immersive and responsive player experiences.

Solid knowledge of Level Design tools, enabling you to craft engaging and visually compelling game environments.

Experience in systemic design, demonstrating your ability to create interconnected and dynamic game systems that enhance overall gameplay.

Strong expertise in handling complex AI systems and navmeshes, ensuring intelligent and realistic in-game character behavior.

Some experience in guiding and mentoring other designers.

Additional Information


  • Work-life balance! Normal hours : 9 : 00am 5 : 00pm, with some flexibility (for overseas time zones).
  • Remote and onsite work accommodations around the world.
  • No crunch time
  • 4 weeks paid vacation (1 week around the Winter Holidays)
  • Personal days as needed by the team members.
  • Being part of a multicultural team from 3 time zones (and counting).
  • Our team is proud to accommodate creative decisions from each and every team member, you will have an influence on how the game you work on looks like.


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