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Ubisoft Entertainment

At the Technology Group (TG), we provide tools, middleware, and services adapted to the needs of Ubisoft game production teams.

Be it front-end or back-end solutions, tools, or expertise, we support our productions throughout their life cycle. Through collaboration and innovation, we contribute to boosting the efficiency of pipelines and the development of products to deliver quality games to millions of players worldwide.

Exploring ideas, experimenting with new technologies, and implementing stable ones are part of our daily life.


As a Product Specialist, you’ll help define and provide production teams across Ubisoft with Generative AI solutions developed by the TG to create and integrate game content.

The ideal candidate will have a comprehensive understanding of Generative AI, Data Governance, DevOps and data analytics, and agile methodologies to deliver high-quality results.

You’ll foster relationships with a host of team members in the community, particularly programmers, artists, and designers, acting as a go-to person for guidance and assistance.

Always in tune with the user community, you’ll have visibility on their workflows and needs.

With in-depth knowledge of the products under your responsibility, you’ll offer the community tools that reflect their reality and allow them to realize the games vision.

You’ll educate and support productions to ensure that the tools at their disposal are understood and used to their full potential.

Plus, you’ll bring your unique perspective to evolve the domain for the long term.

In a role that touches on training, design, and product management, you’ll :

  • Act as a primary contact person and subject matter expert on TG tools : help teams use the products at their disposal, onboarding and guiding them toward optimal workflows, triage issues, etc.
  • Partner with product managers and other specialists to establish product roadmap, strategy, and long-term vision.
  • Collaborate with programming teams to design and develop features aligned with the community’s needs + follow up on progress.
  • Contribute to the quality assurance process to ensure our generative models and solutions meets content creator standards.
  • Stay up to date on the latest developments in generative AI solutions and incorporate emerging techniques into your workflow.
  • Create training content, like product tutorials and documentation.
  • Keep in close contact with the community across Ubisoft, communicating to gather and assess their feedback, share updates, etc.
  • Explore and identify opportunities to tackle creative challenges by leveraging generative AI solutions and enhance content creation through automation.
  • Maintaining a direct line of support to Productions


  • Experience in project or product management (or other relevant experience);
  • Familiarity with AI frameworks, such as Comfy UI, ControlNet, RAG;
  • Familiarity with generative model fine-tuning;
  • An attentive and client-oriented mindset + a sense of initiative;
  • The ability to gain a deep understanding of your collaborators’ needs to meet them in the best possible way;
  • Solid communication skills and the capacity to build rapport and trust;
  • Plenty of flexibility in your work to balance the planned and the unexpected;
  • Synthesis skills that allow you to evaluate products and suggest improvements;


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