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Translator - Eng to French

12 month contract

Montreal, Quebec

  • 3+ years experience working in English to French translations
  • translation degree / certificate required
  • strong preference for candidate who can work in Montreal office 1-2 times per week

We are looking for one (1) Translator - Workday Program

The primary purpose of this role is to provide translation services and support to the various functional areas of the Workday Program in line with the company policies and procedures.

The Translator is responsible for delivering good-quality translations from English to French Canadian and International (France) on time, following established rules pertaining to factors, such as word meanings, sentence structure, grammar, punctuation, and mechanisms and in accordance to Quebecs Bill96 requirements (Bill 96, An Act respecting French, the official and common language of Québec - National Assembly of Québec (

What the role entails

  • Studying original texts or recorded verbal matter to comprehend the subject matter and converting them into another language to convey the original meanings;
  • Consulting dictionaries and other reference sources to determine accurate meanings of terms;
  • Ensuring that phraseology and terminology of legal, technical, or scientific texts are correctly rendered;

Ensuring material is translated into the other language in the appropriate register and style and that it will read as an original piece rather than as a translation; and

Checking and revising translations to improve them.

Translations would include and are not limited to a variety of formats : text documents, videos and training material.

  • Compliance with specific domain and client terminology and / or any other reference material provided and ensuring terminological consistency during translation;
  • Semantic accuracy of the target language content;
  • Appropriate syntax, spelling, punctuation, diacritical marks, and other orthographical conventions of the target language;
  • Lexical cohesion and phraseology;
  • Compliance with any proprietary and / or client style guide (including domain, language register, and language variants);
  • Appropriate locale and any applicable standards;
  • Appropriate formatting;

Compliance with a target audience and the purpose of the target language content.

Do research on the subject matter to acquire the additional linguistic and specialized knowledge necessary to understand the source language content and to produce the target language content, by using the internet or other means or referring to subject matter expert

Proofread, review, or revise various written translations in English and French Canadian / International languages, when assigned

Work closely on requests for Quality Assessment of translations from English to French Canadian / International

Provide consecutive interpretation services in English and French Canadian / International, when necessary

Format original and translated text into certain formatting in MS Suites on various translation tools and platforms.

In performing his / her duties, the Translator shall raise any uncertainty as a query with the Employee Experience Advisor (or Business Content team), meet deadlines in delivering the translation, comply with ethical codes, safety standards, and employment agreement, and shall keep the strict confidentiality of information.

What you will need for this role

Bachelor or higher degree in English / French and / or linguistics

Advanced knowledge of English and French grammar and stylistics;

Extensive knowledge of various specialties including law, business, finance, environment, engineering, mining etc.

3-5 years of work experience as a translator

Be task focused and is self-motivated.

An eagerness for acquiring new knowledge

Proficiency in the use of a range of computer packages, including knowledge of translation-oriented applications, software and machine translations tools.

Ability to manage and understand complex information and handle intense workloads and meet deadlines


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