Senior Researcher - Cloud Simulation/Animation


Offre publiée le 2024-06-26


Our team has an immediate permanent opening for a Senior Researcher.

Responsibilities :

  • Identify and study the state-of-art cloud rendering research in real-time photorealistic physically-based rendering.
  • Develop and apply new algorithms and techniques to support the cloud-native rendering system.
  • Supervise research projects by determining and assigning tasks, developing timelines, and delivering milestones to complete projects.
  • Publish high-quality research work on academic journals and conferences.

What you'll bring to the team :

  • 5 years research experience in physically-based rendering fields including real-time physically-based rendering, light transport algorithms, modern rendering pipelines or shaders.
  • 5 research publications including minimum one research publication in top-tier research journals and conferences such as SIGGRAPH, SIGGRAPH ASIA, EUROGRAPH, HPG, or related journals.
  • 1 year experience in implementing machine learning in related physically-based rendering.
  • Be innovative, focused, result-oriented, self-motivated, and resourceful problem-solver.
  • Excellent interpersonal, networking, and communication skills.
  • A research background related to digital human and cloth rendering


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