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Job Description

Job Description

Behind the Web site that operates FortNine are a suite of custom tools and business logic that have powered the company to success.

They are now being rewritten for the Web to be accessible from anywhere, simultaneously giving developers and business analysts the opportunity to discard cruft and build on years of insight.

This undertaking demands qualified developers who can fluently negotiate the complexities of both frontend and backend development.

A Senior Full Stack Web Developer at FortNine is in possession of several archetypal thoughts or key strengths.

Key Strengths

The best kind of code to maintain is the code that does not exist : simply stated, seeking the approach that minimizes complexity, promotes eloquence, and does not sacrifice maintainability is paramount.

Deleting code is therapeutic.

Experience to weigh the benefits of one technology over another. Advocate reservation in the face of emerging trends. Foresight to recognize a yak and skip the shave entirely.

Small tasks are things to plan, not endlessly trip over. Knowing how to quickly assess complexity is vital.

  • The vaguest or most detailed business requirements are turned into feature-rich solutions that do not compromise on security, performance, or quality.
  • Complete. Code. Ownership. Something that does not function as authored is a personal and lineal insult that will be rectified.
  • Sense of aesthetics that inform design and user experiences.
  • Depth of knowledge that reaches across the software stack. Fully.
  • Self-directed researcher with the curiosity to exhaust all possibilities.
  • Good writer, and not just of software.

Objectives of the Role

  • As one of the senior members of the team, the responsibility to guarantee quality, adhere to and recommend standards, write tests, and document code for the sake of others and future-you is inherent. Be a paradigm.
  • Understand or improve complex business logic, and translate it into beautiful, highly-performant Web applications that the teams at FortNine enjoy using.
  • Mentor less experienced developers and review code. The desire to teach is as innate as the one to build.
  • Absorb technical documentation to either implement the subject matter, or distill and communicate it to a non-technical audience.
  • Build confidence in peers and technical leaders by successfully developing new features and applications.
  • Identify and fix existing issues.
  • Bring a strong technical perspective to all discussions.
  • Be a pedantic source of Web standards, browser quirks, and best practices.


  • Residing in Montreal, QC, or nearby surrounding area, with the ability to work on-site if required.
  • Five years of experience writing code for scale. Minimum.
  • Expert knowledge in either PHP or Python. This should include frameworks like Magento 1 or 2, Symfony, Laravel, Zend, Django, Flask, and package managers like Composer or Pip and some of their common libraries.
  • Expert knowledge in JavaScript. A foundation with vanilla JS would be great, but experience with Lodash, Underscore, jQuery, or other utility libraries is also relevant.

Knowledge of frameworks like React, Angular, or Vue would be an asset.

  • Expert knowledge of CSS. This includes experience with at least one flavour of pre- or post-processors, like LESS, SASS, or PostCSS.
  • Ingrained application of common standards, like PHP's PSRs, PHPDoc, or Python's Peps.
  • Healthy aversion to reinventing or redefining the wheel, which means knowledge of frontend and backend design patterns, OOP, and other concepts like autoloading.
  • Git. You know, distributed Cmd+Z for teams.
  • Extraordinary comfort in a Unix-based terminal. Do you even multiplex, bro? Curating a meticulous collection of dotfiles carries bonus points.
  • MacOS or GNU Linux knowledge.
  • Have probably stepped through a million lines of code. Knowing how to debug software and read through large frameworks is fundamental.
  • Basic familiarity with daemons like Nginx, Redis, Varnish, ElasticSearch, PHP-FPM, or Gunicorn.
  • Basic exposure to cloud infrastructure like GCP or AWS.

Reasons to Join FortNine

  • Work with a team that has deep respect for quality, well-researched solutions in favour of quick one-offs that accumulate technical debt.
  • Healthy work / life balance.
  • Competitive salary.
  • Three weeks paid vacation.
  • Paid personal days.
  • Health insurance (medical, dental, life).
  • New MacBook Pro, and access to the best tools to effectively perform.
  • Abundance of snacks.
  • Proximity to metro station.

About FortNine

FortNine is a rapidly growing motorcycle and Powersports e-commerce powerhouse. Join a team of multidisciplinary experts passionate about making an impact on this industry and redefining how people shop in Canada.

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