TiMi Montreal- Animation Director


Offre publiée le 2024-06-22

Sharp Growth (Canada) Limited

Responsbilities / Responsabilités :

Award-winning TiMi Studio Group seeks a Gameplay Animation Directorto develop a AAA, 3rd person, open-world game based on an exciting IP.

The project will be released on multiple platforms using Unreal’s latest technology. As a Gameplay Animation Director, you will define the artistic direction for gameplay animation that supports our creative vision.

TiMi Montreal is a new studio within TiMi Studio Group, a subsidiaryof Tencent Games. We are passionate about creating compelling worlds for players to explore for years to come.

Are you someone who is engaged with building new worlds, understands what captivates players, and cares deeply about gaming as a medium?

Do you strive to create captivating 3rd person combat sequences that are as fun to play as they are great to watch? Are you looking to push the boundaries of realization and immersion in video games?

Then, come join us in our ambitious endeavor.

What will you do?

Define an artistic direction for gameplay animation that supports our overall creative vision.

Collaborate with members of the leadership team to design unique, forward thinking and achievable animation intentions that celebrate player fantasy.

Push innovations in animation technology by staying up to date with the bleeding edge of animation tech (IK, FK, motion matching, procedural rigging, etc.)

Uphold animation principles to ensure the animation direction of the game is cohesive, inspiring, and represents the right balance between good looking motion and fluid player input.

Develop a network of external partners to contribute to project deliverables.

Participate in the hiring of the animation discipline and our studio’s growth.

Identify opportunities to improve productivity, quality and collective knowledge in gameplay animation.

Direct Mocap shoots for player characters and AI characters.

Que ferez-vous ?

  • Définir une direction artistique pour l'animation du gameplay qui soutienne notre vision créative globale.
  • Collaborer avec les membres de l'équipe de direction pour concevoir des intentions d'animation uniques, avant-gardistes et réalisables qui célèbrent la fantaisie des joueurs.
  • Pousser les innovations dans la technologie de l'animation en restant à la pointe de la technologie (IK, FK, motion matching, rigging procédural, etc.)
  • Respecter les principes d'animation pour s'assurer que la direction de l'animation du jeu est cohérente, inspirante et qu'elle représente le bon équilibre entre des mouvements esthétiques et une participation fluide des joueurs.
  • Développer un réseau de partenaires externes pour contribuer aux livrables du projet.
  • Participer au recrutement de la discipline de l'animation et à la croissance de notre studio.
  • Identifier les opportunités d'amélioration de la productivité, de la qualité et du savoir collectif en matière d'animation de gameplay.
  • Diriger les prises de vue Mocap pour les personnages des joueurs et de l'IA.

Requirements / Exigences :

What we’re looking for?

A portfolio of inspiring, industry-leading gameplay animation that demonstrates artistic vision and capacity to execute within a game.

At least 8 years of professional AAA game development experience.

At least having shipped two AAA, action games in a leadership position.

Someone who can find the right balance between form, function and artistic style.

Capacity to iterate based on our gameplay direction.

Outstanding communication and collaboration capabilities.

Proven ability to define and develop gameplay animation systems (3C, Combat, NPC, ...)

A team player who knows how to get the best out of everyone on the project and not just within animation.

Bonus if you have :

Experience creating animation in and shipping a game using Unreal

Deep-rooted knowledge of animation software like Motion Builder, 3DS Max, and Maya

Ce que nous recherchons ?

Un portfolio d'animations de gameplay inspirantes, à la pointe de l'industrie, qui démontre une vision artistique et une capacité d'exécution au sein d'un jeu.

Au moins 8 ans d'expérience professionnelle dans le développement de jeux AAA.

Au moins avoir livré deux jeux d'action AAA à un poste de direction.

Quelqu'un qui peut trouver le bon équilibre entre la forme, la fonction et le style artistique.

Capacité à itérer en fonction de l'orientation du jeu.

Excellentes capacités de communication et de collaboration.

Capacité prouvée à définir et développer des systèmes d'animation de gameplay (3C, Combat, NPC, ...).

Un joueur d'équipe qui sait comment obtenir le meilleur de chacun sur le projet et pas seulement au sein de l'animation.

Bonus si vous avez :

Une expérience dans la création d'animation et la livraison d'un jeu en utilisant Unreal.

Une connaissance approfondie des logiciels d'animation tels que Motion Builder, 3DS Max et Maya.

What’s in it for you?

Create AAA multi-platform games with ample resources and support : Bring incredible game ideas to players around the world with the support of one of the most successful studios in the world.

TiMi has developed some of the most popular games worldwide and is looking for talented individuals to join it in making another major hit.

Develop for global audiences and make an impression on the entire industry : Join TiMi in making games as part of an ambitious, talented, and seasoned team.

Create new worlds for players to explore, experience and enjoy : Join a team who cares about innovation and wants to delight players with new creative game design for open world experiences.

Help create the next great game world for players to immerse in for decades to come.

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