Security Systems Analyst


Offre publiée le 2024-04-01

Coveo Solutions inc.

Interested in technology, SaaS products, cloud security and AI solutions? We have it all!

Your responsibility as a Security Systems Analyst on Coveo’s Systems Administration team will be to work in close collaboration with all departments to ensure that all our systems are configured correctly and securely.

You’ll be the main point of contact for various system owners throughout the company, helping your colleagues by educating and enabling them to set everything up correctly with the right information in mind.

You will leverage our security solutions to help you in your responsibilities, with freedom to iterate and improve their features for the better of your community!

As part of the Security taskforce at Coveo, you’ll be joining the ranks of those who maintain our trustworthiness, and as a data-driven AI company that works with impressive global enterprises, that’s an important job!

As our Security Systems Analyst, you will :

  • Identify needs and use cases for security projects by questioning, understanding, assessing, prioritizing, and advising teams on security gaps and existing processes.
  • Select solutions for needs by analyzing market, data, systems and softwares, presenting this to stakeholders and making recommendations.
  • Design how systems will function.
  • Implement solutions by setting up infrastructure (SaaS and IaaS), configuring the security therein, and integrating systems together.
  • Manage projects, including the plan, timeline, collaboration with technical stakeholders, and change management throughout our employee base.
  • Advise and train teams on architecture of security design and security best practices.
  • Help shape Coveo’s security policies by bringing the vision and concerns of IT and the corporate systems (everything non R&D) to security governance discussions.
  • Monitor Security setups by assessing and prioritizing vulnerabilities using the Common Vulnerability Scoring System (CVSS) and your knowledge of the environment and tools.

What we are looking for

If you are a systems specialist with a passion for security, and are excited by the challenge of continuously improving a corporate environment based in AI technology, you could be the person we are looking for!

Here is what will qualify you for the role :

  • Experience maintaining and supporting software .
  • Passion for cybersecurity and privacy principles .
  • Expertise about the operational and business impact of cybersecurity lapses

What would make you stand out :

  • Experience related to cybersecurity, corporate software systems, privacy principles, or other relevant experience that can help you in facing the challenges above-mentioned.
  • Experience translating security concepts and empowering various stakeholders in a technical environment.

Do you think you can bring this role to life? Or add your own color? You don’t need to check every single box; passion goes a long way and we appreciate that skillsets are transferable.

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We encourage all qualified candidates to apply regardless of, for example, age, gender, disability, gaps in CV, national or ethnic background.

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