Senior Product Manager - Search Platform


Offre publiée le 2024-03-30

Coveo Solutions inc.

Your PM expertise will fuel the quest for excellence in the realm of AI and Search

As the Senior Product Manager for Search, your role is to enrich Coveo's Vector and Semantic Search experience. You'll focus on driving innovation, scalability, configurability, and commoditization of new search approaches to make an impact company-wide.

Your key responsibilities include researching industry trends, engaging with clients to comprehend their needs, working with internal stakeholders with intricacies of the line of business they operate in, and delivering value for their particular use cases.

A typical day :

  • Elevate the day's trajectory by organizing priorities, honing your vision, and championing your purpose, as you skillfully lead the team in a concise morning meeting to align on the day's / week's objectives and priorities
  • Finalize discovery work on a new search strategy and dig into decomposing technical requirements to be shared with the technical team later that day
  • Lead a call with Product Marketing and Global Enablement to create alignment on a new search capability, creating effective go-to-market strategies, success metrics and enablement plan
  • Present the product requirements document that you worked on earlier that day to the technical team and iterate on the feedback
  • End the day by wrapping up various communications including finalizing a user research plan with the UX team and scheduling interviews to gather valuable user feedback

You think you have the vision?

Our standout candidate is a true innovator with expertise in customer-centric AI product delivery and product management best practices in the field of Search, Machine Learning and AI.

They exhibit an outstanding level of accountability and advocacy, showcasing mastery in comprehending diverse requirements, encompassing business needs, market dynamics, customer demands, and internal stakeholder expectations to support diversified use cases.

What you bring to the table

  • Strong understanding of search algorithms and technologies, including expertise in how search engines operate, Vector and Semantic Search, and the overall user experience within search results, contributing to innovative and successful product strategies
  • Drive for experimentation and hunger for knowledge that extends to both traditional and emerging search technologies
  • Extensive experience in determining and defining success metrics, ensuring a strategic and data-driven approach to measure and achieve product goals
  • Knack for integrating various components, services, and technologies to create a cohesive platform that serves multiple stakeholders

Do you think we have a fit?

In this particular role, you’ll be able to significantly influence our AI-powered search experience, which will not only impact our customers, but the company’s future as well.

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