Cloud Developer


Offre publiée le 2024-03-28


We are in search of a software analyst with a strong focus on cloud services development, who will become a valuable addition to our team located in Laval, Quebec, Canada.

Engaging in a variety of dynamic tasks, you will play an active role in designing and creating services and micro-services within a cloud framework.

These services will primarily involve management, processing, and video analysis functionalities. Through your efforts, you will contribute to empowering cutting-edge surveillance systems used by both private enterprises and government bodies worldwide.


Role and Duties

  • Engage in defining the architecture and technical specifications of cloud services and microservices (Azure).
  • Create software interfaces (REST API / SDK) that empower diverse customers and integrators to craft their solutions using the array of cloud services
  • Craft microservices for managing numerous customers through a cloud infrastructure.
  • Develop microservices that efficiently interact and manage thousands of real-time IoT devices via an IoT cloud infrastructure.
  • Establish microservices to seamlessly interface with existing cloud services.
  • Engineer microservices for handling the financial aspects of subscription plans.
  • Incorporate AI and computer vision algorithms into microservices, leveraging video and telemetry data.
  • Fashion tools that simplify the troubleshooting and debugging of the various implemented microservices.
  • Implement a Continuous Delivery / Continuous Integration (CD / CI) framework to automate testing and deployment processes.
  • Define unit and integration tests, and provide support for module integration and validation in products offered by us.
  • Ensure the software modules designed and developed meet rigorous quality standards.
  • Draft technical documentation on the company's products and solutions, as well as maintaining existing documentation.


  • Hold a degree in computer science, engineering, or a related field.
  • Possess a minimum of 3 years' experience in developing services and microservices on cloud platforms (Azure, AWS, or other equivalents).
  • Demonstrate expertise in crafting REST APIs / SDKs using a cloud-based architecture.
  • Showcase proficiency in establishing event-driven cloud architectures (e.g., Kafka or alternative event management frameworks).
  • Display competence in creating unit and integration tests.
  • Have familiarity with Agile-SCRUM methodology.
  • Exhibit the ability to collaborate with multiple teams to accomplish tasks.
  • Work autonomously to complete assigned tasks.
  • Exhibit a strong commitment to the quality of work produced.
  • Capable of meeting deadlines and achieving production and quality objectives.
  • Demonstrate respect for customers and their requirements.
  • Possess bilingual proficiency (English / French).

Technical Qualifications

  • Possess knowledge in developing microservices within a cloud architecture.
  • Demonstrate understanding of event-driven cloud architecture.
  • Have knowledge of IoT-based architecture.
  • Understand networking concepts (TCP / IP, UDP, HTTP(s), MQTT, WebSockets).
  • Familiarity with IP-based video security systems.


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