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Our motive is to create innovative action games within iconic worlds where every player feels like the hero. Let’s say that again iconic worlds, where every player feels like the hero.

Our passion has taken us from imagining dogfighter pilots in Star Wars™ : Squadrons, to re-creating Isaac Clarke onboard the Ishimura in Dead Space™, and now to building an original Iron Man action-adventure video game.

We believe in sharing our passion with our community, and with each other by having transparent discussions, by practicing an inclusive culture, and by nurturing a continuous growth mindset.

Our approach feels simple, but it leads to the best work of our careers, and as a team, building unique and immersive experiences.

Motive is looking for a Senior VFX Artist to join its Iron Man team using Unreal Engine 5. You will report to the Lead VFX Artist and collaborate with transversal teams, bringing to life our next AAA title.

Responsibilities :

Partner closely with the Lead Artists, Designers, and Engineering teams to create high quality real-time visual effects.

FX assets include particle systems, meshes, shaders, textures, rigid body sims and animations

Create FX assets using EA’s proprietary game engine, according to the agreed design and within the constraints of the target hardware and software.

There is an emphasis on knowledge sharing between different teams throughout EA’s studios

  • Be responsible for technical and aesthetic considerations for the project’s visual effect art style. A balance must be achieved between a high visual quality and staying within our performance constraints
  • Manage In-Game Particle Effects for action-adventure games. These include weapon and vehicle FX, environmental, destruction, etc.

Requirements :

  • 5 years experience in the industry
  • Experience shipping high quality console games
  • Experience in 2D packages such as Photoshop, After Effects or Nuke
  • Experience in 3D packages such as Max or Maya
  • Strong knowledge of environmental effects, lighting, and dynamics
  • Excellent communication and problem-solving skills
  • Able to work well in a team and communicate with other disciplines
  • Solid Technical abilities to aid in creating new visual effects art pipelines
  • Organizational skills when approaching tasks, files, and storage of the material.

Additional skills and experience (nice to have) :

  • Knowledge of Frostbite
  • Experience with Unity Visual Graph Editor or Unreal Niagara
  • Knowledge of substance
  • Experience with a scripting language (HLSL, Python, etc.)
  • Experience with Houdini.

3D Portfolio Requirements :

A link to your portfolio must be included with your application / resume. All portfolios should contain a breakdown of the work.

It must be very clear what you are responsible for in your reel, screenshots, scanned pictures, web page portfolio, etc.

Please include as many of the following elements as you can :

  • Examples of natural and organic effects (smoke, fire, waterfalls)
  • Examples of fantastical effects animation (spells, explosions)
  • Examples of rigid or soft body dynamics
  • Effects created in a game engine
  • Examples of modeling texturing and lighting
  • Examples of various animations


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