Technical Artist (VFX)


Offre publiée le 2024-03-23


Job Description

When you’re a Technical Artist at Ubi Montréal, you know you’ve done your job when the feature your team has created for a game is visually stunning while maintaining its cutting-edge performance.

You strive to exceed players’ expectations of a AAA game.

To achieve this, you bridge the worlds of the artist and the programmer, acting as an interpreter and problem-solver. Because of you, the two collaborate cohesively and efficiently, on budget and on deadline, using the most appropriate tools and pipelines.

You ensure assets can be rendered without compromising the artistic vision, on the one hand, or busting your memory budget on the other, setting benchmarks for your feature as you go along.

You are the team’s hybrid specialist, speaking both from the heart and the mind, with your eye on AAA quality.

What you'll do

  • Establish quick, efficient and clear pipelines .
  • Prepare coherent documentation for pipelines, tools and procedures.
  • Do benchmarking for your features through research and testing .
  • Prototype features and provide transparent accounts of their performance.
  • Work on creating asset banks (such as textures).
  • Ensure coworkers adhere to procedures and standards you’ve established.
  • Update documentation.
  • Fix performance bugs and polish your feature.
  • Train coworkers and support them.


What you bring

  • A college diploma in videogame modelling or equivalent
  • Experience in digital art content creation - high and low-poly modeling, unwrapping, baking, texturing, level art, etc.

years of experience as a modeller or artist in the videogame industry

  • Experience developing for consoles at least two full production cycles
  • Experience with software such as 3ds Max, Houdini, Photoshop, or Substance Designer
  • Scripting knowledge (C#, JavaScript, maxscript)
  • You wear and enjoy wearing many hats, including artist, programmer, diplomat and many more
  • Career training in VFX or Game Design / Programming
  • Solid understanding of art and animation pipelines
  • Experience or understanding of rendering and post-effects, rigging and animation and physics simulations
  • Shader development experience
  • Artistic skills - proportion, color, composition
  • Excellent interpersonal skills in dealing with differences between creative and technical teams

What to send our way

  • Your CV highlighting your experience, education, and skills
  • A strong portfolio or demo reel

Real live people from our team will review your application. In this case, it’s our talent acquisition specialists Yara & Nicole.

As they learn more about you through your profile, get to know them through the videos below

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