Audio Designer


Offre publiée le 2024-02-05


Job Description

The audio designer will oversee the artistic content, design and technical aspects (pipeline) that pertain to sound (music and / or sound effects) in the game.

The main and routine tasks of the audio designer are to :

  • Be aware of all aspects of the game (game design, animation, environment, 3D objects, level design, AI, scenario, etc.
  • to understand sound needs and have an broad idea of the game;
  • Set out sound mechanisms in the game based on the game style so that the sounds and music suit the creative direction;
  • Help define sound design in the game and artistic and technical components (pipeline) whenever possible;
  • Know the limits and advantages of the tools to design sound and concepts in order to propose a realistic scope and avoid developments that will removed due to technical constraints;
  • Communicate audio needs to programmers and follow up with them to ensure that the tools that are developed or functions that are added to the sound engine meet needs and discuss priorities with the programming team if necessary;
  • Communicate the sound design to the other working units that are involved;
  • Take part in game creation through creative cells to enhance the gameplay experience and player immersion from a sound perspective;
  • Determine project sound needs and ensure that the necessary / relevant resources are produced;
  • When outsourcing work, list the special effects, foleys, atmospheres and music to be produced and send the production order to the sound studio;
  • Create sound and special effects for the game;
  • Validate the results of the order sent to the sound studio and request adjustments whenever necessary;
  • Validate the foley recording sessions with the sound technician and foley artists to ensure that quality standards are met;
  • Integrate sounds into the game (establish the events that may or may not be triggered by the player and their corresponding data audio sounds);
  • Manage and supervise sound integration by other working units (code, level design, animation, etc);
  • Set out audio test plans with the QA team to test and debug audio components;
  • Help plan audio production several months in advance and follow up throughout production;
  • Take part in voice recording by providing input to the voice director on dialogues : whenever necessary ensure that intonations, intentions and projections are credible in light of the scenario;
  • Validate / supervise the music recording sessions whenever necessary;
  • Manage human resource needs for the audio team whenever necessary;
  • Play an active role in debugging and ensure that the final product meets quality standards;
  • Carry out all other related tasks.



Degree in music, audio or equivalent.

Relevant Experience

  • Professional experience in audio;
  • Gaming experience and industry knowledge an asset;
  • Music, film, television production experience as a sound technician or foley artist.

Skills and Knowledge

  • Attention to detail;
  • Critical sense;
  • Open-mindedness, adaptability, flexibility;
  • Ability to manage emergencies and priorities;
  • Work-related passion and curiosity;
  • Sense of esthetics;
  • Ability to clearly explain complex ideas;
  • Excellent knowledge of Pro Tools, Sound Forge and MIDI;
  • Extensive musical knowledge as a musician and / or composer;
  • Basic knowledge of audio and studio equipment and SFX libraries;
  • Knowledge of current audio engines an asset;
  • Knowledge of other production working units.
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