Senior Research Scientist


Offre publiée le 2024-02-03


The ServiceNow Research team does both fundamental and applied research to futureproof AI-powered experiences for all users of the Now Platform®️.

We make workflows smarter, AI workloads more efficient, and are committed to making socially responsible contributions to the AI community.

Our innovation is centered on people : helping customers modernize their technology architecture, innovating new business models, improving experiences at work, and driving higher ROI from their technology investments.

The Conversational Assistant program (CAT) at ServiceNow Research is exploring how Conversational AI Assistants will improve the productivity of knowledge workers in all industries.

For ServiceNow, this means delighted end-users, more productive instance admins, and more empowered citizen developers. The Conversational Assistant program trailblazes the conversion of LLMs into competent and reliable assistants.

We research and prototype trustworthy assistants that help you achieve your goals with the most appropriate tools. We are actively seeking collaborators and interns.

The topics include but are not limited to :

  • Task-oriented dialog and semantic parsing
  • Interactive code generation
  • Compute- and memory-efficient LLMs
  • Retrieval-augmented LLMs
  • Lightweight LLM adaptation for downstream tasks
  • Using LLM for data synthesis
  • Large context transformers, transformers with memory
  • Controllable AI, chain-of-thought methods, integration with symbolic AI
  • Trust-worthy natural language generation; combatting hallucinations

Research scientists contribute to the flagship projects of the team, set up their own research agenda within the topics of the research team, supervise interns, and collaborate with their colleagues and the global AI community.

We expect all research scientists to also be capable of writing, maintaining, troubleshooting, and optimizing the research software that they work with.

Research scientists are also responsible to be on top of the latest trends and discoveries and for sharing their knowledge with their colleagues through internal communications and collaborative projects.

Research scientists are also responsible to act as scientific advisors for other teams in need of their expertise and contribute to the products of the company.


In order to be successful in this role, we need someone who has :

  • A Ph.D. in machine learning, deep learning, computer science, artificial intelligence, or a related field.
  • Preferred : 2 years of research experience post-Ph.D.
  • A getting-things-done mindset with a desire to push the boundary of fundamental knowledge
  • Experience in large language models and optionally in multimodal representation learning, reinforcement learning, graphs, time series, computer vision, etc.
  • Experience and mastery of scientific programming with Python and Numpy, and optionally also with Java, JavaScript, or R.
  • Experience and mastery of deep learning programming in Pytorch and optionally with Tensorflow.
  • Experience contributing to research communities and / or efforts including publishing papers at top international conferences such as (ACL, EMNLP, NeurIPS, ICLR, ICML, CVPR, etc.)
  • Desire to work in a diversified team.

When applying please provide :

  • Cover letter
  • Research statement
  • 19 hours ago