IT - Desktop Technician


Offre publiée le 2024-01-25


Aversan Inc. () is a reputable engineering company that provides expertise in the aerospace, defense, and medical industries.

We are currently seeking a qualified IT Desktop Technician to join clients in Montreal. An international space mission partner and a pioneer in robotics, satellite systems, and geo-intelligence with a 50-year history of firsts on and above the Earth.

The main function of a desktop technician is to research, design, develop, and test computer or computer-related equipment for commercial, industrial, military or scientific use.

A typical desktop technician is responsible for supervising the manufacturing and installation of computer or computer-related equipment and components.

Job Responsibilities :

  • Instruct and assign staff to provide technical support to designers, marketing and sales departments, suppliers, engineers and other team members throughout the product development and implementation process.
  • Assign the testing and verification of hardware and support peripherals to staff to ensure that they meet specifications and requirements.
  • Oversee the build, testing, and modification of product prototypes using working models or theoretical models constructed with computer simulation.
  • Assign staff to analyze user needs and recommend appropriate hardware.
  • Direct technicians, engineering designers or other technical support personnel as needed.
  • Confer with engineering staff and consult specifications to evaluate interface between hardware and software and operational and performance requirements of overall system.

Skills :

  • Verbal and written communication skills, problem solving skills, customer service and interpersonal skills.
  • Strong ability to work independently and manage one’s time.
  • Strong mentoring skills necessary to provide support and constructive performance feedback.
  • Strong knowledge of circuit boards, processors, electronic equipment and computer hardware and software.
  • Strong knowledge of computer software, such as configuration management software, desktop communications software, operating system software and internet directory services software.

Education / Experience :

  • Bachelor's degree in computer science or related field or equivalent training / education required.
  • 30+ days ago